Jun 22, 2007

Script Notes part 1

To answer the initial discussion topics here are my first stories...more to come...

My recent evil director experience…between yelling at the actors and the crew he turns to me and says, “How tall are you?” I reply 5’2”, he turns to his assistant and says, “measure her” The assistant dutifully measures me to be 5’4”. “You don’t even know how tall you are!” He attempts to harm me, but I parry with “I’m wearing shoes!” He nods “OK” and continues to yell at the actors. Whew, I guess I passed that test.

As far as best experience it would be working with Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, and Sophia Loren…true screen legends. I’ll never forget the day Jack stood in the catering line with me. He pointed to some pasta dish “What do you think that is?” I reply “looks like some tuna salad dish” He asks “ Are you going to try it?” I nod. He says, “ I think I will too!” Just simple moments like that really make my day! Sophia also made pasta for the crew one day and supplied all the tables with Chianti. Cool!

Ah, the set crush, well, I’ve actually never had one…but I get the funniest pick up lines and sexual harassment moments. My favorite is the producer that feels he needs to HUG you every day, or squeeze your knee. Please!

Worst location moment: Well, really isn’t every job terrible when you are in the elements. Stage days are the best! Otherwise we’re fighting rain, snow, sleet, hail, bugs, sun, you name it! Wind! Try and keep you script pages neat when the wind is bad. We really should get paid more. My worst day was probably working in a snow storm. Poor actor was getting so much snow on his face and hair, we had to keep dusting him off between takes, my notes were so wet, I was so cold, and my stopwatch even froze up due to the extreme cold. Again, we should get paid more ☺

Now, it’s your turn…what are your stories?

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