Jul 9, 2007

Breakfast Burritos and 4 o' clock Guac

Nothing brightens my normal grouchy 5AM set mood more than breakfast burritos from the catering truck. I typically go for the “everything in the kitchen” type and enjoy wolfing it down with a tall glass of O.J.

It was a good thing that the production I worked on last week had breakfast burritos; otherwise I would have been a crabby Scripty. The director was a screamer. Yelled at everyone, for everything. Now, in my experience, I have worked with three types of screaming directors: Type1: scream to scare crew, and tend to be violent. They push crew, throw cameras, break monitors, fire people left and right, and are generally evil vile people that I wonder why they continue to get hired…. (A future blog) Type 2: scream at crew to ridicule them. These directors I get great humor from since it’s mainly because they feel insecure. Type 3: Scream because they think its part of the job requirement and are generally crazy. This director from last week was Type 2 harmless yelling, bordering on comical: Case in point:

Halfway through our day, we’re filming a scene with an actor about 40 feet out in a field of natural grasses. The director began yelling at everyone not to walk on the grass in front of the actor…didn’t want any smashed field grasses in the shot. Somewhere around take 10 the director needed to run down and talk to the actor (voice probably sore from yelling)…where does he run? Right on the grass he had been yelling at the crew to keep off. The A.D. couldn’t hold back a guffaw and that started the whole crew giggling, getting teary-eyed trying to keep from laughing… especially when the director ran back to camera stomping on the same grass AGAIN. I had to jab myself with my pen to keep from laughing.

The set mood remained cheery after that and then to make the day even brighter… I saw a grip saunter to set with a plate of 4 o’clock guac, (chips and guacamole) I made a beeline to craft service and loaded up a HUGE plate claiming, “it’s for the camera guys”. Then I ran back to set, hid behind a flag and secretly pounded it all down. Nothing like fresh guac on set!

We ended up making our day, and the director left without thanking any of the crew, typical. I scored some Health Bars from crafty and left for the drive home ... I had survived another shoot day.


BoskoLives said...

The director that walks away without a word of thanks, oh how rare!

I worked on a film with a director that will go un-named, but his initials are J like in James and K like in Keach.

When I mentioned to the producer that this director was very cold and distant, not even saying thanks at the end of the day, the producer said he would have a word with the director.

At the end of the next day, the director started to walk off, paused, looked back over his shoulder and said "thanks" to no one in particular, and then got in his car and drove away.

If only "fragging" was still in fashion.....

Just another sound mixer,


Scripty said...

LOL! Thinking…. if fragging were in fashion, we'd only have a few directors left.

I wonder what he was thinking as he left...
A: Oh, got to say thanks to the friggin crew. (jerk)
B: Look at me I'm saying "Thanks" (big-headed jerk)
C: What did that producer tell me to say? (Ignorant ass-covering jerk)