Jul 2, 2007

The Set Crush

I equate film sets to summer camp…. It’s for a short duration of time and you hang out with a totally different group of people. You have that summer fling, and then it’s back to reality. Our set world is fast paced and demanding, yet somehow we have time to squeeze in a set crush. And when you really evaluate it…it’s pretty weird. Picture this scenario: you’ve been working a 15 plus hour day, your hair is totally messed up from wearing “cans”, your make-up is now non-existent, and your eyes are blood shot from staring at the monitor…You would not want to be seen in public…. but somehow a grip finds you utterly attractive. Then you look at him, he’s sweaty, dirty, and has bad breath. You watch him set that courtesy flag for you, and you blush. Really, how could a bunch of stinky, sweaty, tired people be that attractive to each other?

Yet, it happens, on every movie, without fail. The A.D. and his 2nd, the camera assistant, and the wardrobe chick, the boom guy and the script super. Married, single it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s like Vegas, what happens on location, stays on location. And I think in our position we see it all. We get the birds eye view of not only the whole production process but also the behind the scenes drama as well. My very favorite set crush story is of a sound guy who liked a p.a. who liked the camera assistant who liked the actress. No one got together on that show. We all see the stories of the movie actors getting together after the show, but think of how many set hook-ups there are with crew…the numbers have to be staggering. Being a department of one is lonely sometimes, but we get to see it all!
I’d appreciate any comments, or ideas; my goal is to develop a communication with other scripty’s around the world, so pass it on!


Anonymous said...

"the boom guy and the script super." LOL. True 'dat.

The boom guy on my last gig was 15yrs younger than me, too. I didn't mind, really, but dude, keep that pole to yourself.

Hey, just found this blog. Hello from Canada.

Scripty said...

Welcome Canada!
15 years younger? You go girl!

Ladylipstick said...

I thought I was the only one who referred to it as "Film Camp!" I must admit, I have a thing for electrics. That's how I met my boyfriend!

Scripty said...

Film Camp....so true...good choice for electric's... they're typically smart and know lots of good set lingo like wattage, and tweenies, and squeezers and such.

Aparna said...

I always seem to make flirty friends with the grips - the most macho department on set. I've been told it's because I'm the only girl who greets them in the morning and says goodnight at wrap.

I also have a thing for them because, when I was training and chairs were usually reserved for people further up the food chain, I could always count on a grip to offer me an apple box to sit on. I love those guys.

Scripty said...

I agree, gotta love the guys with the apple boxes!