Jul 26, 2007

Sexual Harassment And The Film Set

A couple of years ago the town got so slow for film production that I took on a part-time job. While going through training, they presented me with a sexual harassment handbook. As I began to read it I had to snigger, all of those things had already happened to me on film sets.

Now, being the hot librarian looking chick that I am, I see my fair share of harassment just due to the proximity I have to men. Some days I have counted a 15 to 1 ratio. Me and 15 guys! I’m the only one around to harass. No pity party here, I can dish it out too! You can’t work as a scripty if you are easily scarred.

The most obnoxious offender was a producer I met doing a huge commercial for Nike. In the typical introduction fashion of film etiquette, the AD brought me over to meet the director and producer. The AD politely made the introductions, and then the director comments to me, “My wife has the same name as yours.” I smile…the producer quips “So if we get lonely during the shoot…!” And he gives his hips a jive toward me. All the boys give that courtesy (I’m kissing up to the producer) laugh.

Later in the day the same producer walks up to me and starts to rub my shoulders (don’t touch me) the producer overhears a camera guy mention that his wife has my name as well (TRUE STORY…really! And I don’t have that common of a name!)

So the producer feels the need to whisper in my ear, you’re going to be one tired lady after this shoot! (ewww!)

At wrap I went into the production office to make a copy of my notes, I over hear the same obnoxious producer telling the coordinator that I did a great job and I’d probably give good BJ’s too.. (double eww!)

Why does this producer continue to get hired I wonder? And why is there no film karma? I’ve seen so many evil people just rise up the food chain in film. Why doesn’t the evil they expel on people return to bite them in the ass?

But, I’m not bitter or angry, it’s all part of the weirdness of the industry. And fortunately he is the exception; most film sets are pretty tame. But…you never know what to expect from one job to the next. A harassing producer, a screaming director, a cute grip. One never knows….As long as there are Heath Bars at craft service…I’m happy.


BTL said...

Tell it like it is, sister! And while bitterness is sort of my M.O., I have to say I'm really impressed by how unbitter you are, considering you've been in the business as long as I have.

Scripty said...

Don't get me wrong, talk to me at 7am after a 19-hour overnight! I can be plenty bitter! Especially when the long day was due to an incompetent AD and producer trying to complete an unrealistic shooting schedule!...typical!

GregX said...

I love the "hot librarian" comment! And it's so true! All the script supervisors I've seen fall into that catagory. I always said they have that "Hot for Teacher" look, but I may have to switch to yours.