Jul 20, 2007

Undress Me!

I worked on a job yesterday where I completely miscalculated what to wear. The weather guy (liar) said it would be rainy and cold all day. Nope! The weather was HOT, HOT HOT!

Believing the weather guy (liar)…I showed up wearing a long sleeved shirt and was very uncomfortable! In hopes of gaining some relief from the heat, I began unbuttoning the cuffs. Now these cuffs are kinda funky in that they have three very small buttons on each cuff that are tightly held in by these little loops. I begin struggling... trying to break the buttons free…. I just couldn't do it!

So the still photographer…who had been watching my hopeless attempt… came over with an offer to help. I held out my arm to him and said, “Undress me!” (Big laugh from the camera guys)

He works on the first button feeling confident but then…he is struggling too. The buttons are not coming undone for him either. He starts laughing and announces, “So, I take this girl home and I start to unbutton her shirt and…well…it takes such a loooong time…I’m sorry… the mood is gone…totally gone…” ( Camera guys continue to laugh)

After completing one sleeve he offers me this advice: “So, if you want to get lucky, …don’t wear this shirt!” (I’ll keep that in mind)

Finally, after quite a struggle and an offer from grip to cut the buttons off …. the cuffs were undone and I could roll up my sleeves! And then…. my favorite part of the day…crafty came around with popsicles…I love this job!

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Anonymous said...

lol, Grip offers to cut the buttons off, typical!

loved the dilbert blog