Aug 18, 2007

The Great Escape

The film world is a great escape from reality. And that is what I desperately need right now. So, I took a job with a director that I had skirted around for the past 15 years. He was a legendary screamer and fortunately, any time his company asked me to work on a project, I was booked on something else. Last week when they called, I had no other jobs, and figured working with this guy may give me a day of distraction and some good fodder for my blog.

Unfortunately neither happened. He has since calmed down. He no longer is the screamer he once was. He was rather quite, polite, and reserved. Maybe he’s on some mood altering drugs? Hmmm? Also, the project was boring. My wardrobe girlfriend called yesterday and complained about the caliber of jobs she was getting lately. Not sexy enough. That would describe this one. Not sexy at all.

The job was for a supermarket and the shots were inserts to an already existing ad. So, for example, if poptarts were on sale this week, the poptarts would roll down the conveyor belt and stop in the center of frame. A graphic would appear with the sale price for the week and so on. We filmed 4 weeks of promo products in 8 hours. Technically it should have taken us only 4 since there were no lens or camera changes…. But with an hour lunch and god knows how long of just standing around waiting for clients to decide on the perfect product box they were able to stretch the day out to 8 hours. So, I sat quietly and waited, and thought about my mom.

During lunch we started talking about the most vile director I have worked with (details in my first blog entry) He made such an impression that the town is still flapping about him... Then the topic turned to talk about another old time screaming director. We’ll call him E.Y. The agency chick started laughing as she told a story about E.Y. She said they had hired E.Y. on a job last year thinking that maybe he had changed since he had already lost his business, marriage and credibility. Nope! All he did was yell at people and worst of all swore at the client! … She said they would never hire E.Y. again, and that she heard he now works at Home Depot! I immediately called my wardrobe friend for verification. If there's anyone who could find this out it would be her. And, if it’s true there IS film karma that bites vile directors in the ass!

Also, as noted in the picture the craft service was Heath Bars!

I could use some comments please. I need as many distractions as possible. Even if you write "Hey the sky is blue." That would make my day!


Ladylipstick said...

Oh sweety! I just "met" you (via blogginess) but I do feel for you. And, the sky was blue here in Boston today!

Karen Ross Smith said...

Hey, the sky IS blue.....well not today. Instead the sky was grey and rained out my crafty craft show, but oh well.

GregX said...

The sky is not blue here. I'm going out to build an ark now.

Anonymous said...

Sky is grey here, wind is blowing and the girls by the pool are turning blue, pretending it's actually August. My heartfelt sympathies for you and your mother. My own mother has Parkinson's, and it's been a long slow slide down.

-vancouver scripty

Scripty said...

I'm happy to have met all of you (via blogginess) I am sorry to hear about your mom, Vancouver scripty. You are in my thoughts.

Emon said...

Hey, found you via Sync.Sound.Cinema blog. Great blog and great read! :)