Aug 28, 2007

I am spoiled

I'm on a big job right now, and happy to be busy! I am working on a project that is TOP SECRET!
My lips are sealed; although I wish I could tell you all about it ... it's VERY COOL! Lots of special effects, lots of actors wearing green (for CG)! The director is awesome, and to make things even better my favorite crafty stashed a drawer full of Health Bars...JUST FOR ME!!!! (actual drawer pictured above)

This picture is of the director, producer, and client...can you guess who is who?Also, thanks for all the kind e-mails and comments. You guys are great! And it made my day! Thank You!


Christian Dolan said...

Wow, that *is* spoiled. :)

On my last project, the crafty lady stashed some Trader Joe's energy drinks for me, kept safe from the grabby hands of the rest of the crew.

A nice person in the right job can make all the difference on a set.


Ladylipstick said...

From left to right: director, client, producer?

GregX said...

*steals Heath bars*


sarah said...

I would say
jeans = client
heels = producer
birkies = director