Aug 9, 2007

Sad News

Sorry I have not written in awhile. My mom is not doing well. She was moved to a palliative care unit yesterday. (Hospice)

I am terribly sad, and yet I have to hold on to the amazing moments I've had with her while in the hospital.

The best moment happened three weeks ago. I was sitting by her hospital bed as she rested. Out of nowhere she said "Oh, I smell pipe smoke." I immediately wrote off this statement since she had been having some moments of delusion due to the medication. And of course, there would never be pipe smoke in a hospital. I did not comment but continued to rest my head in my hands as I sat near her bed.

A few seconds later, I smelled it too! It smelled just like the pipe my dad used to smoke when he was alive. The smell was so strong! I immediately knew...I smiled and said "Mom, I think Dad is here." and she replied matter of fact "Probably."

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Emon said...

How is your mom doing now?