Sep 19, 2007

Boxes, Tape, and Wrapping Oh, My!

Yes, another exciting day in film world. Today I was working on a commercial for X-mas wrapping paper and tape! And in a great cosmic moment, this morning as I put in my contacts, I wondered when I last switched them out...(a passing thought) Got to work, started to stare into the lights, and ta dah! Contacts suddenly went belly up! Felt like sandpaper in my eyes all day. I have no replacements at home...Oh, well, I'll suffer through the shoot, then call the ol eye doc.!

But the good news is...Maurice Gibb was there to watch over us!

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Sarah said...

Maurice Gibb - OMG, that is too funny! I still believe he was the only straight Gibb brother of the bunch! Ah the memories of Sgt. Pepper and roller skating to disco music...