Sep 9, 2007

Script Girl

I typically hide from behind the scenes camera crews...This one managed to capture me hard at work on a feature. Check it out...pen ready..paying attention...and for a brief moment not thinking about Heath Bars!

Gossip Update:

#1We have confirmed that the evil vile screaming director E.Y. DID end up working at Home Depot...but only for a short time...(I'm guessing he yelled at a customer and got fired.)

#2 The crazy producer DID fire all the union crew members and replaced them with non-union...and she is also known to pay grip and electric LESS than the female department heads. hmmm.

Hope you all are busy! No work for me next week so I think I'll paint the bathroom!

p.s. Hello Paris!!


Emon said...

Maybe E.Y was spending too much time framing 'shots' with his hands.

Enjoy your week off!

Scripty said...

LOL! I'm imaging that happening in the tool isle!