Sep 26, 2007

Silly Clients

During my job yesterday the rain began to fall….and fall hard…and hail…and then the sirens went off…tornado warning…so what do the clients do? Run to the window of course!

This made me think of all the crazy clients I have encountered over the years. Ones that generally drive the poor director NUTS! But no matter how picky you want to be as a client…we can out think you!

For example. We are working on a commercial in which the client has been driving us nuts all day. He (the client) has been picky about the littlest details. Move this prop left, the rug needs adjustment…nothing to do with the product or actor, just the art direction. So, midway through the day the client calls us on walkie (he is in another room watching on the client monitor) He says “The take was great but the phone in the foreground should be moved left a bit.”

The director radioed back “Sure, we'll move it right now...(explaining) you have no picture on your monitor currently because we’re changing the mag, (film in the camera) (Clients always get nervous when they can't see anything on their monitor)

We did NOT change the position of the phone!!

When the client’s monitor was working again the director asked, “We moved the phone how does it look?” The client replied, “It looks great, thanks for moving it!” Much suppressed laughing by the crew.

Then there are the picky clients we love to hate. They send us into overtime over the dumbest things…but we oblige because we are happily raking in the dough!

My favorite (because I made some much needed O.T. $$) was the picky client who wanted to make sure the actors nostrils flared when he smelled the brats on his plate (for a Johnsonville brats commercial)…the actor could never quite flair his nostrils enough to please the client and this sent us into such a long day, we finally wrapped at 3am!!

Or the client who did not like the way the cheese separated on the slice of pizza as it was being lifted up. We went through 50 pizzas! Stop this madness! We just could not make the client realize that the scene would cut before the cheese started to separate!! The client wanted it to look great 15 seconds into a shot that would hold only 1.5 seconds of screen time. YIKES!

I could go on and on.....

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GregX said...

I'm looking at that picture and thinking, "That commercial is one lightning strike away from being a lot easier to shoot." What are they thinking?