Sep 3, 2007

The Ten Hour Party

Working in film is sometimes portrayed as fast paced and glamorous. Well, not always. Sometimes it’s slow and torturous. The BIG job was just that. Slow…especially when you are dealing with tons of special effects. So, what do you do while waiting? Idol chatter! I equate this to mingling at a party. I tend to stay in one place on set and as the day progresses I am visited by the Gaffer, Key Grip, Camera Assistant, Wardrobe…you name it, they all are bored at some point.

The day typically starts off with the usual “What have you been doing?” “How are the kids?”, “What project do you have coming up next?”

Then as the "real" conversations diminish...we will dip into silly talk about how I could be the queen of the city and have a pool boy named Raul. Or an in-depth discussion on whether George Clooney is a hottie or not. (Answer: IS)

Then the conversation will ALWAYS with out fail slide into some gossip about someone else in the industry. (The big gossip on this job was about a producer who freaked out and took everybody’s cell phones for fear of the union calling…then this freaked out producer FIRED all the union crew members IN THE MIDLE OF THE JOB and replaced them with non-union)

Once the gossiping part of the chatter dies down, it typically becomes silly chatter once again like who's hair looks like it's stuck in the 80's...

And then finally at the end of the project it’s the mutual admiration society…. “I’d LOVE to work with you again, this was such a pleasure!” “We HAVE to do lunch some time.” and other kiss-up lines. And on it goes.

Funny tho, this idol chatter skill I have honed after my many years working in film just doesn’t seem to translate to the real world…possibly because REAL adults don’t generally talk like a bunch of gossiping, Clooney-lusting, social misfits!

The picture quiz answer is Jeans=Director Heels=Client Sandals=Producer.

(I love the cavalcade of clients coming on set with the clickity click of their way too high heels and stumbling across cables while trying not to look like a deer in headlights.)

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!


Emon said...

Hope the dudes in the crew don't partake in whether Clooney is hot conversations...or do they?

Scripty said...

I suppose it depends on what kind of dude they are :) ...or how bored silly they are.