Oct 22, 2007

The Athlete's TUDE

My job today was a commercial starring a famous athlete who happens to have a HUGE ego. I have worked with this athlete many times before as he hawks footwear, sports drinks, sports gear, the usual athlete junk. Each time is the same M.O. We have to sign a confidentiality agreement and also agree not to ask for autographs or take pictures (even continuity pictures). I find this humorous, because A: He plays for a sport I am not interested in, and B: I have worked with far greater celebrities that have less TUDE.

The day begins by setting the shot with his double...who by the way was amazingly handsome and nice. (No set crushes on actors/talent). We had everything set and ready…. our famous athlete shows up 2 hours later than expected, causing the crew to break early for lunch.

Then as typical his handlers enter the stage about ½ hour before he does. When he finally comes on stage a hush envelops the crew. He’s here, look sharp, and get the shot. The director is not supposed to talk to our tude athlete but only converse through the handler…(TRUE!) So, you can imagine there is a bit of a delay when giving our amazing athlete any direction. This always makes me giggle with excitement when I point out some continuity flaw…I tell the director, the director tells Mr. Amazing’s handlers, the handlers tell Mr. Awesome. I smile.

So, today just because I was finding this totally amusing, and possibly because I have worked with Mr. Wonderful so many times before, my fear of him was gone…I walked right on to the stage and said, excuse me but I need to take a continuity photo. He grunted and I took the picture. The funny thing is I did not need a continuity picture nor was I supposed to take one.…… I did it because I wanted to break the no pictures rule. I don’t know why, maybe it was because I remembered the first time I worked with him he threw his sweaty wet towel on my chair!! On top of my script book!! (This cheeses scripty’s off) Maybe it was because he never addresses the crew…we don’t exist in his eyes, or maybe it’s because he has such an ego that I was hoping to piss him off by not following his rules.

In the end, production never said anything to me. They were more worried about the fact that Mr. Unbelievable’s limo had not shown up on time.

How about you…got an ego story you can share?


Emon said...

Hah...the director can't talk to him directly! The same TUDE will be begging for infomercial gigs in a few years. As per breaking the no photo rule - you go, Scripty!

Sarah said...

That is too funny. In my world, trial court judges are the "talent" and it's kind of funny how the different judges have different attitudes, some of which would challenge that of any celebrity. Most folks use the "hushed voices, don't make direct contact" approach. While maintaining proper courtroom etiquette myself, at meetings or other occasions, I treat each and every one of them like a person who is just like the rest of us. Not sure if it's appreciated but no-one has slapped my nose yet. Maybe I'll try bringing my camera next time and see how they like photos ala Scripty! Hah!

Thanks for the great story.

Peggy Archer said...

Mr. Lead Actor in a not so great TV show used to be Mr. Lead Actor in a hugely successful cult cable series.

Mr. Lead Actor has requested that the office monkeys throw away fan mail that mentions the cult show because 'it's behind him'. Mr. Lead Actor then gets upset because he only gets three pieces of fan mail per day.

Mr. Lead Actor has also fired so many ADs (one was fired for looking at him) that the DGA has actually blacklisted the current show.

Peggy Archer said...

Oh, oh.. wait.. here's another -

Mr. Self Important Movie 'Star' (who's been in a series of heinous flops but for some reason continues to get roles) decides, while shooting in a wooded area near Santa Clarita, that his FOUR trailers (so he can circle the wagons and prevent the crew from soiling his view) must be placed JUST SO - in the exact spot that an endangered California Oak Tree is growing.
Mr. Self Important decrees that the tree must be cut down because heaven forbid he move Trailerville 10 feet to one side or the other.

Production comply and cut the Endangered California Oak Tree down.

Mr. Self Important also decrees that crew members must NOT speak to him or look at him, but then proceeds to demand that one of the rigging grips be fired because she didn't say "good morning" to him at catering.

sarah said...

All these HINTS and not enough for me to know the true dirt - you people are making me crazy! ;-)
I understand it but the nosy body in me wants the rest of the story!

thanks for the insight into another world and shame on mr. self important movie star for cutting down a historic tree. jerk.

Scripty said...

Emon, you're so right...begging for infomercials LOL!

Sarah, I'd be willing to wager that Judges probably don't act as immature as celebrities...probably have the tude down tho.

Peggy, Ohhhh your tree story makes me mad! It's insane that production lets Mr. Self Important get away with that! But I know this industry and how talent is pampered!

I love the Mr. Lead actor and his fan mail! Someday he'll be Mr. Nobody!

Thanks for the comments!

KL said...

Great Story! Betcha anything that your breaking the "no picture rule" helped you gain a good dose of respect and awe from the rest of the crew (all of whom probably had been secretly wanted to rebel themselves!!!!)