Oct 12, 2007

In The Beginning

I am often asked how I got my start in this crazy career. Well, that in itself is a really long story…but the most interesting part is how I became a Script Supervisor. It all started (hazy dreamy music) while I was working on my first feature film. I hated it! I was hired as the production office assistant. The production coordinator was and to this day is still the prodigy of the devil. I hated my job, I hated the film, and it just plain sucked! The devil coordinator thinking she was going to make my life worse sent me off to work as a p.a. on 2nd unit. (2nd unit is a splinter crew that does insert shots and stunt sequences anything without the principal actors) That was my favorite memory. The 2nd unit crew was the rebel crew and we had a great time. (neener neener to the devil coordinator!)

The next movie offer was as another office assistant. I somehow developed a huge attitude and said, “I’ll help you get started but I don’t want to do the whole movie” Geez, I wouldn’t have hired me! But fortunately for me they did. And as I began working I realized I was with a wonderful crew! I just adored the Unit Production Manager and was elated when he took me on as his assistant.

The movie was a blast to work on; I was having a great time, got to know the editor and hung out on set a bit. I checked out the script supervisor and thought that would be a great fit for me. It’s a department of one, detail orientated, technical knowledge, and in the center of it all. I mentioned to my boss in passing that I could see myself in that job someday.

When we started to crew up for a 2nd unit, I remembered how fun it was from my previous hell movie experience…so, I went to the Unit Production Manager's office (my boss) and begged him to send me out on 2nd unit. He said No. I looked at him sadly…still no… so I began to walk out of his office and just as I reached the door he said "But I do need a 2nd unit script supervisor!" Really! A huge door was opened for me that day and I jumped right in...and have been scripting ever since!

The editor took me under his wing and taught me the job and the Script Supervisor was a tremendous help as well!

Since then, I have stayed in contact with these amazing people…the editor ended up winning an academy award for his work on a subsequent movie, and the unit production manager who gave me my first break, is now hip deep in $$$ working on blockbuster movies in L.A.! And I am so very thankful to have met such great people that gave me an amazing start!

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Phillip W. Palmer said...

Hey Scripty! Thanks for your shout out on my blog. It's always nice to hear someone actually reads mine. I'll post a link to yours when I return home from my vaca. Starting another show in a week or so.... All the best,