Oct 5, 2007

Oh well.

After doing some research on this upcoming movie and director I realized my slutty idea won't work, ( and you realize I was just kidding about that one. Slutty's not typically a skill that works well in the scripty area)

I did think about pretending to be a relative of the producer...(Hey I was working all angles) I have experienced losing jobs to the D.P.'s wife, a producers niece, and a cousin of a director.

An interesting sidebar..I knew the editor on the movie that used the cousin of the director as the script supervisor. She did not know the job, nor did she take good notes. The editor was very frustrated, but could not complain because she was the cousin of the director. He just bitched to me about it and said things like "wish you were there" Damn right; I'd have done a much better job.

The end result: it seems that the director for the movie slated to film here has used the same male script supervisor for his last 5 movies. Bummer.

But, that's part of the glamorous life of working in film. You never know what job will come your way next, and often times the one you'd like to get is already taken. I think I'll drown my sorrow in Heath Bars today and hope that I can get on 2nd unit...which is just as cool.


KL said...

2nd unit is sometimes "better"

Good luck!

Scripty said...

You are right. Sometimes 2nd unit is MUCH better!!