Oct 6, 2007

Script Supervising Software 2

I get many hits to this site from people who are looking for script supervising software. I have not used the software program (even tho I wanted to invent it). I work from my own log sheet that I created for my laptop. It is great on stage days but my laptop got too abused on location (and dropped by a certain ACTOR!) Now, I only use my laptop when I know I'm going to work in a nice climate controlled studio location.

I am wondering if you kind folks that either drop by looking, or have experience using said software could place a comment here for others on the same quest. Thanks!

Update: 7/21/08 Here is a link to new software that just came out a year ago. (I don't think it's the software that monique spoke about in the comments)



monique said...

I had great hopes for this software but it has fallen short of my expectations.
1. You can't part scenes out
2. You have to buy adobe acrobat version 5.0 to run programme (this is a very old version and the programme will not run in later versions)
3. There is absolutely no support.
4. I got the software when it first came out and they have made alterations and updates to make the programme slightly better from no doubt client suggestions but all the new features you have to buy on top of the software price.
5. The breakdown side of the programme is quite good but very tedious and when you are tagging elements you have to highlight them in script eg (set, characters, props) if character or prop is not scripted you have to tag another word then delete it then type in the item you wanted to put in.

In short the software has some good points but It isn't the ONE we all dream of.

I could go on but I am supposed to be breaking down a script as we speak..

Thanks for the blog it is great to read your stories.

Scripty said...

Thanks!! Your review will be helpful to those looking for information on the software...thanks!

Good luck on your show!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone used Pilotware?

caltel said...