Nov 8, 2007

Broccoli is good for you...

Yesterday’s job was for an Art Institute. I loved the storyboards… but the execution…well; let’s just say I wondered about the mental aptitude of the director. What seemed like fluid movements on the storyboards came out choppy and overacted per direction. Somedays I want to take over!!!!...but then I know my place, I smile and take pretty notes.

At lunch the camera boys and I talked about our favorite work memories. One camera assistant’s favorite memory was working on set with Gwyneth Paltrow as she was standing in her underwear. She made a comment about his slate and being stupefied he couldn’t remember if his answer made any sense or not….(men… ☺)

As far as best experience for me it would be working with Jack Lemmon and Sophia Loren…true screen legends.

I’ll never forget the day Jack Lemmon stood in the catering line with me. (Yes he ate with the crew!!) He pointed to some pasta dish “What do you think that is?” I reply “looks like some tuna salad dish” He asks “ Are you going to try it?” I nod. He says, “ I think I will too!” Just simple moments like that…pretty cool.

Sophia Loren ALWAYS looked great, even before going into make-up and wardrobe. She was very nice to the crew…even made pasta for the us one day and supplied all the tables with Chianti.

Also topping the memory list for me was getting a kiss on my forehead from Josh Hartnett. Pretty much made all the girls on that set jealous.

The camera boys politely listened to my stories but didn’t really care about Jack, Sophia, or Josh…instead they managed to extend the story about Gwyneth and her underwear for the rest of lunch …I ate my broccoli.

Got any favorites to add?

I hope the Writer's Strike ends soon...


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