Nov 4, 2007

Good Boys

Last week’s job was pretty uneventful. Call was at 7A and wrap each night was between 6-6:30, so pretty easy days.

The director was funny. His classic line was "There's no speed limit when you're going the extra mile" (It was funny on set). He asked me to read a screenplay he wrote to see if I had any comments. I said “Sure!” feeling pretty honored. I read the screenplay over the weekend... I didn’t like it. I’m not quite sure what to tell him “It was soooo boring” probably won't fly.

We had a little old lady as our star (86 years old) and she was awesome. She remembered her lines better than most actors and she had the Grip and Electric boys falling all over her. Holding her arm as she walked onto stage, moving equipment so she could easily get where she needed, and minding their P's and Q's. It was like I was seeing a totally different side of the boys. Gentle, caring, good boys. Boys a mom would be proud of. I’m not used to seeing that side of them. I typically see the tough talking, smart-ass, won’t give you a hand jumping off the camera truck guys.

And of course, craft service was lots of red twizzlers, and junk food. I was on a sugar rush the whole time! Wheee!

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