Nov 23, 2007

This Year's Pie...Not Really

I always make pie for Thanksgiving. Here’s my little tradition. The local fancy over priced grocery store each year puts out a holiday menu and whatever they have listed for the dessert I make.

Over the years I’ve made pies like Apple Pie with Carmel Bourbon Sauce (real pie in picture...and my personal favorite). ..and not so favorite Shaker Lemon Pie ( I somehow brilliantly managed to screw up this time honored traditional recipe…it was pretty sour)

This year’s recipe was for a chocolate and cardamom tart. I was anxious to try it because I could break in my neighbors never used food processor and use my tart pan (which I had only used once before.). And most importantly it looked GOOD!

I was all ready…then it hit me…. and hit me HARD…. THE FLU! Not the barfy kind…the achy fever runny nose dry cough you want to stay in bed and watch old movies kind of flu!

So, no pie was made, instead I bought a HUGE apple pie from the fancy overpriced grocery store and brought it to Turkey day….and you know what? Life went on…I’m not sure anyone really missed my homemade concoction. (of course I'd like to think they did) But, I’m thinking maybe this is the way to go. It’s easy…tasty, and feeds a bunch.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

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