Nov 13, 2007

With Fondness

Ok, so no favorite job memories? (comments to my last post) Either nobody has encountered any nice movie stars (which could be true) or the writers strike has left everybody stupified.

Now that we're not working, is when you look back and remember those hard nasty jobs, jobs you'd swear you'd never survive... with fondness. (Like childbirth...we forget the pain)

I'm not working now, so to relieve the boredom I threw a bunch of stuff up to sell on ebay...and only a few my vintage Battlestar Galactica stuff (geek, I know, I admit it...but I'm cool now right? Hee)

Of course anything I was remotely interested in buying on ebay... suddenly so were tons of other people!!! Just not lucky I guess. So all in all, NOT a good boredom reliever.

Since my bathroom is painted I must now paint the kitchen. Painting definitely cures boredom.

Hope you all are well and getting ready for the holidays....I make pie...yum!...