Dec 22, 2007

Christmas Bonus

I was lucky and had a two day job Thursday and Friday this week! We all called it our Christmas Bonus! It was a commercial job for a cleaning can imagine the excitement! Example of shots: Scene 107: Camera (low angle) dollies right and pans left as product starts on the right and moves camera left. Scrubbing action has broader strokes. Scene 108: Camera dollies back and over product scrubbing in circular action. Scene 109: Product moves side to side.

At one point the floor started to look more interesting than the product, and I pondered when it was last cleaned.

So, to pass the time the Gaffer showed this video and the boys spent lunch on each day talking about these guys..the wingsuit flyers, and how....rumor has it they want to try and land without using a parachute.

Crazy! If someone could guarantee I wouldn't get hurt... I'd do it! Check it out!

Happy Holidays!

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