Feb 24, 2008

The Role of Script Supervisor

This first video was just added to You Tube last week. Vintage video about script supervising...it's so bad....well it's bad...and gosh darn it anyway it stops before the good stuff!

If that video put you to sleep this one should wake you up. A script supervisor giving "heads and tails" (slates) in a most unique way...I may have to try her technique sometime...or not.

From You Tube:

Dawn Schary: Script Supervisor

About this Video " I worked on a UCLA film with no 2nd AC and no slate, so I had to go ghetto since I was the only one on set who cared to mark the scenes. The boys kept forgetting to wait for me to get in front of the camera, so I gave them incentive with my own version of head and tail slate. The editor made this video as a thank you.

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Anonymous said...

that is so friggin great! :) useful to be a girl in an industry that's mostly male in this case, i suppose!