Feb 17, 2008

Script Supervising Gear

Crew are the technicians. And we use gear. Some use lots of gear, some less gear, but film production is all about gear. And since, the crew at work love to talk about gear, I thought it would be only fair and fitting that I be able to pontificate about mine as well.. Even though my gear doesn’t make the testosterone rise on set as well as a Super Techno 30 foot telescopic camera crane, or a 1000 fps high speed camera, mine has to be just as accurate and functional.

A script supervisor’s load in is pretty easy. You just bring your:

BRAIN, (preferably caffeinated)

A well tuned STOP WATCH (mine is 15 years old and I’ve only changed the batteries ONCE! Odd but true. ) It’s a discontinued model Ambassador Accusplit.

Cargo pants. A must have for your digital camera, extra pens, a place to put the thermal prints and sides… and (my secret tampon stash shhh)

DIGITAL CAMERA I use an Olympus M-760 all weather (pictured is my old Cannon which I still use sometimes)

The Script/Storyboard
Log sheets,production reports
Call sheets,one-line, sides, day out of days, continuity notes, etc.

All neatly contained in your THREE RING BINDER

I have to say I LOVE my binder with shoulder strap!! It’s an (again discontinued) Eddie Bauer bag. It has a shoulder strap, exterior pouch, a three ring binder inside that you can zipper closed to keep all your notes safe!! It has been through rain snow sleet and hail (as has my stopwatch)! But then a couple of years ago the unthinkable happened. The zipper broke.

I searched everywhere for it’s replacement and even yelled at the poor people at Eddie Bauer who stopped making it…WHY! WHY! WHY would you!! Sob sob. So, while relaying my utter sadness during lunch my BESTEST wardrobe girlfriend overheard me whining and answered my plea. “I have one of those bags!” she said “I bought it years ago and I never use it! I’ll give it to you for your birthday!” It was the best gift ever!

Here pictured is my state of the art (laughs) gear. And even though the stopwatch looks dorky, it has been a workhorse! (I hope I don’t jinx it with this post o’ praise!!)


Scripty said...

Here is a link to a binder with a shoulder strap.


Chris Kittinger said...

Maybe you could have someone sew a new zipper on, if that happens to your new binder.

kelly said...

Funny that I found your site as I was researching a new stopwatch. I have the same one and it has indeed been a work horse! One of the buttons cracked so can't change modes as needed...but funny to see the same one hanging in there...althought the post was 2008. Could still be in action :).
Kelly (commercial scripty - 871)

Scripty said...

Thanks Kelly!

The stopwatch is still in action! Just used it last week!

Thanks for the comment!

scriptskirt said...

I've been doing script myself for 26 years now (yikes! How is that even possible?), and I have that exact bag and stopwatch, and even stranger, that pen, amongst others.
And then I have a really big script bag (can even hold half of the 98 sketches we've got this year on portlandia), that I got years ago from CarryOn, a specialty biz bag co. in Montana. It's even got a big zippered pocket on the underside (for my fingerless gloves, camera, spare stopwatch and correction tape, etc.) and a clear pouch/pocket on top for your call sheet, shot list, or just fun photos. It was while I was googling for that one that I found you.
Keep up the good (script) work,

annikahagen said...

Hi Script Goddess,
I am on the eternal hunt for the perfect scripty binder bag. yours looks about perfect. did you ever find a reasonable replacement?

any new gadgets you're using that you love?