Mar 4, 2008

Save A Website

Ok, I’m the first one to admit that I’m not a techie-chick. Sure I can shop online with the best of them and I’ve figured out how to write a blog (at least I think I have…is anyone reading this?), but when people start talking about ISP’s and bandwidth, I quickly slide into the Series of Tubes level of understanding.

Having said that, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone for a good cause. So today I’m on my apple box (we don’t have any soap boxes here) talking about Net Neutrality.

Here’s the dummy version (as explained to me, the dummy). Right now companies like Comcast, AT&T and other big internet service providers supposidly are trying to get the FCC to get them to loosen restrictions on internet regulations. They want the ability to restrict access to some sites, and speed up or slow down access to others. What this could potentially mean is they could bundle internet sites the same way they currently bundle cable channels, like this:

Bundle A: AOL, MSN, Disney, for 39.99 a month for X number of websites
Bundle B: Google, Yahoo, Plus for 49.99 a month for XX number of websites
Bundle C: My Space,Blogger,Facebook for 59.99 a month for XXX number websites

You get the idea. More money=more internet websites but not ALL the websites.
Will mine or yours for that matter end up in a bundle?

I know! Crappy, right? So what’s a poor blogger to do?

The recently introduced Bill To Preserve Internet Freedom would prohibit companies from discriminating on sites and services.

Last week the FCC held a public hearing on the subject at Harvard University, and there are claims that Comcast sent seat fillers to keep the public out

So what can you do? Check it out, do some research on the Internet you enjoy today...

1. Go to
2. Find your congressional representatives.
3. Tell them to support HR 5353. The site gives you a sample email of what to say
4. Tell others.

On a lighter note I added a link to an interview with Script Supervisor Carol Banker. I worked with her years ago and she's awesome. Check out her interview.

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