Jun 22, 2008

Happy Blogiversary!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Script Goddess! In celebration I'm taking the week off and providing you a link to the post that garnered the most comments this year.

Mr. Evil

I want to thank everyone who subscribes/visits regularly/visits occasionally/or comes here accidentally.

It has been a great first year!


Michael Taylor said...

It's we who should thank you, Scripty, for opening a window on the mysterious world of the script supervisor. She (or sometimes, he) works alone -- no assistant, no best boy, no crew with which to commiserate: just an impatient director who can't remember screen direction or what happened two takes ago, and expects his script girl to spit out the desired information without delay.

It's a demanding job. No way would I (or could I) attempt what you do every working day.

You tell good stories, and tell them very well indeed.

Congratulations on hitting the one year mark.

Devon Ellington said...

Happy anniversary, and have a great vacation.