Jul 22, 2008


Sometimes when I'm walking my dog, she will see another dog and proceed to have an absolute fit. Not the "Get off my turf or I'll eat you" type of fit. It's more the "Holy crap another dog! Look mom another dog!" type of fit.

I get that way about seeing other script supervisors. I always watch the behind the scenes extras on DVD's, and when I spot a script supervisor in the background, I feel compelled to pause the DVD player, point and scream "Script Supervisor!" This never fails to bring joy and delight to my family.

So, imagine my unbridled glee when I found this DVD that highlights the script supervisor on 24! Here is the YouTube promo: Watch how she cups her hand over her mouth to yell out the scene number, I do that too! I yell all the time! Ask anyone!

Now for those civilians reading this and wondering why seeing another scripty would excite me, really, it's because we're a department of one. And since most DVD behind the scenes focus on the producer, director and actors, it's great when I can spot a glimpse of any crew member, and especially one of my kind!

Be sure to check out several new links on my page including a link to script supervising software, and the Paris Script Supervisor Association (how cool is that?), and most importantly please vote on the best wrap party story. Time is running out! Don't make me yell. Or bark.


Emon said...

Guess what, Scripty, I watched this DVD just last night and as I was watching her do her thing I thought of you.

Just getting a glimpse of what she does - what you do - I realized I could never script supervisor. This job requires more than just focus and attention to detail. Your brain has to work like a machine. By the way, she'd started out as a stand-in. The DVD is only 30 mins but packed with good stuff.

Take care!

Scripty said...

Emon: Yup, as I like to say, the job requires a lot of mental gymnastics!

And thanks for the review of the video, it looks like it has a lot of great information!

Devon Ellington said...

I get the same way about wardrobe!

Scripty said...

Thanks Devon! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Kim Huston said...

Maybe someone has mentioned this before, or you've mentioned this before.... I just found your blog tonight...

But there's a great old movie called Day for Night and one of the key characters in it is the script supervisor. It's a movie about making a movie. Lots of interesting tricks!

Scripty said...

Kim-Ohhh, YES! I forgot about that movie, I saw it such a long time ago! Thank You! Thank You! I'll have to rent that one again!