Jul 15, 2008

Work Dreams

Last night I had one of my recurring work dreams.

I arrived on set HALFWAY through the shoot day, and for some unknown reason, instead of rushing over to the director and apologizing profusely for my tardiness, I was compelled to stop at the craft service table first. (note that in real life, things might actually play out this way; you know how I feel about craft service). I remember thinking the craft service was lame (this could also happen in real life).

Then I walked over to the director who was understandably and visibly angry. Does the mea culpa begin at this point? Nooo. Instead I start to explain rather loudly how I line my script for the editor. I sat and drew my markings for him and explained what the squiggly line meant. I was thinking I need to prove to him that I'm a good script supervisor.

In a freeze frame moment he looked at me as if I had lost my mind, then I turned to the monitor and realized that we were rolling (filming) at this moment, and I had been talking loudly through the entire shot. This is clearly the pinnacle of career-limiting moves (even in dreamland). Yep that one's a head-scratcher for sure.

Curious if other crew might have somewhat similar dreams?

With regard to the Wrap Party Contest (see previous post)

I'm sorry to report that from over 500 hits to my website since I asked for wrap party stories, only five had something to say. From this response rate I am forced to draw one of the three following conclusions:

  1. Wrap parties by and large suck;
  2. Wrap parties by and large are awesome, but the court order says you can't repeat the story;
  3. You have an awesome story but don't want to enter it in the contest because you're afraid you'll win a dorky Matrix bag.
If conclusion 3 is the correct one I have enhanced my contest. The winner of the contest may choose from one of the following two prizes:
  • Receiving the aforementioned Matrix bag
  • Not receiving the aforementioned Matrix bag
Hey, I'm nothing if not flexible.

The poll to vote on the stories will be up and running on Friday, (so you still have a couple days to submit a comment/story in hopes of NOT winning the prize).


D said...

Goddess, Ive noticed something in my blogging career: when you ask for input, you rarely get it. I don't know why this is. However, when you talk about things that piss you off, you get a lot of responses. People love misery. My blog is mainly technical. I ask for input on dollies, cranes, etc and I get minimal response. If I talk about who screwed me over for a job, it goes off the meter.
I've had dreams like this. I work regularly for a DP who gets me big budget work. I've had dreams that I showed up for work and he had hired someone else in my place.

Scripty said...

You speak the truth. Misery loves company.

I must not complain...when I started out blogging, if I even got ONE comment I would be happy...and I got FIVE! Yeah!

Thanks for being one of the five!

Anonymous said...


My friend and I were laughing at your blog. We're both 2nd AC's and we get loading dreams.We think it's really funny that you get the same type of everythings gone wrong dream only based around continuity. Our dreams generally involve fogging film and then having to explain our mistake to the rest of our department. I can't tell you what a relief it is to wake up from that one.

Scripty said...

Heya anonymous AC's, thanks for stopping by the blog! I'm glad it made you laugh! And yes, it is nice to wake up from a disturbing work dream!

Michael Taylor said...

Maybe none of us really gets to "clock out" at the end of the work day. My own work dreams tend to be of the can't-quite-complete-the-assigned-task variety, in which I keep trying to get something done -- hang a light or get power to some other department on set -- but am continually frustrated by other tasks and people that pop up to distract me along the way.

While the original assigned task is usually very straightforward, the myriad distractions are the sort that make sense only in the anything-goes context of DreamLand. Post-awakening anaylsis is invariably futile, since I can't even explain to myself what the hell was going on.

This inability to get away from work long after heading home used to drive me nuts. I figured if I was still "at work", then I ought to get paid for it, at least. Then I remembered that in those DreamJobs, I never actually managed to accomplish anything.

Ah well, they don't take DreamDollars at my local liquor store anyway...

Richard said...

Put me down on that list too.. I have Dreams about being late. Either that, or not finding the location, and being late.

So much that I purposely make it a point to be 1 hour early on set, for just the fear of being late.

Can't tell you how many times I've been first to arrive over and over again.. only to see people kind of stroll on in late, and not think anything of it..


Scripty said...

Michael: Yes, I have had dreams like that too, I'll look down and realize I have not written down any notes! Or everywhere I walk to is soooo slow Wouldn't dream dollars be great!

Richard: Thanks for the comment. Well, shame on those people showing up late, since in film world 15 minutes early your on time, show up at call, you're late, show up later than call...not good.

S said...

I'm going back to the camera truck to load a mag and I haven't got long. I walk onto the back of the truck and see that the driver has tried to improve the darkroom, it now has a window with net curtains parted in the middle and a window box with long red flowers in it!. I freak out and try to load in there anyway, trying to cover the film as best as I can so it doesn't get fogged, which is obviously futile. I think that if I can cover it enough and load quick enough it will be o.k.
Freud would probably have something to say i'm sure.

Sandy Parker said...

For many years I've dreamed that I am still in high school and I'm going to be late for an exam because I can't remember the code to open the padlock on my locker. But every now and then I take a break from that to dream something very similar to the scary work dream you describe. It usually involves something along the lines of me eating snacks at crafty and not noticing that we're rolling, then walking over to the monitor to watch the performance, but not actually writing anything down. Sometimes I get more creative with it, though. One night last week I dreamed that the two 2nd AC's and I were hiding out from the law or something. Not sure what kind of trouble we had gotten ourselves into, but it was fun to tell them about it the next day on set!

Scripty said...

S- A window in the darkroom with flowers? You got me, not sure what that means! Thanks for the comment!

Sandy- I've had those dreams too, I'll look down at my notes and I have not written anything down. It's nice to wake up from that dream!