Jul 1, 2008

The Wrap Party Contest

Maria from Barcelona proposed a post about wrap parties….

Aside from reckless drunkenness, wanton debauchery and the inevitable hook-up, my favorite phenomena at wrap parties is watching crew people, who by the end of the show were ready to go all Ultimate Cage Match on each other, suddenly act as if they are best friends and utter the words “I can’t wait to work with you again!” At which point my eyes want to roll right out of their sockets.

Unfortunately most of the wrap parties I’ve attended have NOT been in the “You should have been there” category. Most have been downright lame. I’m just not into watching the married director hook up with the young P.A.’s and make a fool of himself.

But there are two that have found memories for me. During the first memorable party, the young hottie lead actor came up to me in a drunken stupor, grabbed my hand pulled me to the bar and said, “Let’s do shots!” Who was I to say no? So, arm and arm we did shots together. Now when I see him on the big screen I remember, I did shots with that guy. The second memorable wrap party, not so much wild just mostly intoxicating and took place while on a job in Jamaica. All I can say about that wrap party is when in Jamaica…ya, mon.

So, I ask my dear readers to tell me about your wildest or coolest wrap party. I’ve heard tales of Mr. R&B artist playing for the crew etc. I’m sure there are those of you who have been to a few kick-ass wrap parties; let me hear about it. Here’s your incentive: Best party story wins a free Matrix Reloaded Revolutions bag and the envy and adoration of all who read your entry.

Rules: comments must be PG-13/14A/U-16/etc. in nature. Winner will be chosen by a poll of readers, post will remain up for two weeks to give you some time to remember the wild party or ask friends to remind you what you did at said wild party. Matrix bag is new, and will be shipped slowest possible to an address of your choice. No returns. If you don’t like it, sell it on eBay. Good luck, don’t be afraid to comment. I promise it won’t hurt. And it’s perfectly all right to say “this one crew person.” We promise not to think that it’s you.


Film Wife said...

The funnest one I've been to yet was at the Viper Room after working with Mr. Depp. He was wonderful to the crew and had the Pussycat Dolls perform (that was before there was the group).

GregX said...

During the Mighty Ducks wrap party some of the Ducks handed out what looked like match book holders that on the outside read "The Puck Stops Here" The P was crossed off and was replaced by a F. When you opened the flap you found a condom.

I think they got into a bit of trouble over that.

Anonymous said...

My wife once equated wrap parties to attending someone else's high school reunion. Needless to say, we don't make too many wrap parties anymore. In fact, some of the wildest wrap parties I know of are ones that I've skipped. (warning: names have been omitted to protect the guilty here). A couple of years ago I had the good sense to skip out what has become on quite infamous wrap party. Let's suffice it to say that wife of one of the above the liners was quite publicly caught in a carnal embrace with one particularly drunken grip. A trip to the emergency room and one very messy divorce followed. There really is no such thing as free drinks.

Anonymous said...

I just worked on a feature where at the wrap party, the cops were called on us for being too loud. And one of the lead actors got arrested for smoking pot. A crewmember told the cops, "If you're taking my friend to jail, then you'll have to take me too." And off they both went. The cops didn't believe who they arrested until they looked him up on IMDB. Needless to say, they both were out in 2 hours without bail but still had to appear in court in 3 months.

D said...

I did a feature years ago and the crew had an "unofficial" wrap party at the grips apt. We burned the coffee table in the fireplace, threw a chair out a window, one of the lead actors (a screen tough guy) got into a wrestling match with a young PA and the PA put his ass on the ground.

The Grip Works said...

I was at a wrap party on a movie in Mauritius, where everyone was drunk and people were getting flung into the Hotel pool. The producer was an asshole who got flung into the pool in his dinner jacket with mobile phones etc still on him. I woke up the next morning in my hotel room with my pillow caked with blood. I went to brush my teeth and looked in the mirror to find 2 of my teeth chipped, a huge lump on my forehead, a black eye, and dried blood encrusted all over my face. I had no memory of what might have happened, just a god awful hangover !!! No one in the crew knew either. Must have been a good party !!

Scripty said...

To:"The Grip Works" Crap! I wish you had submitted your story earlier during the contest. Sounds like you had an interesting time at the party!