Aug 12, 2008

Late To Work

Hello all, and thanks for letting me rant last week, not like me really, I'm pretty even-keeled....

Recently Script Goddess reader Richard sent me the following e-mail...

"Hi Scripty,

Remember I commented on people being late on the set??

I had the Ultimate in late last week!

The Director, Actor, and DP were 6 hours late!!!

We were filming a mocumentary at Comic-Con San Diego opening day last Thursday. There was a truck overturned and on fire south bound 5-freeway @ camp Pendleton total freeway shutdown. Unfortunately, the other 200 thousand people managed to find their way there..

While I waited the 6 hours, I walked the show 3 times.. never been to a
Comic-Con, and I don't plan on going back either.."

Thanks for the great e-mail Richard! I imagine that spending six hours at Comic-Con waiting for the director to show up would get old fast.

I have to admit I was terribly late one time....Many years ago while working on a feature, I had left the set dog-tired and glanced at the call sheet through nearly closed eyes.

Crew Call 8AM.

No problem. I managed to find my way home, fall asleep and went to bed (in that order). The next morning I got up, jumped in the shower, and as I stepped out of the shower my phone was ringing. I ignored it. Then it rang again. I wondered who would be calling me so early in the still in my towel I picked up the phone. It was the 2nd AD on the other end of the line. He was very calm, "Hi Scripty how are you?"

"I'm fine," I reply. "What's going on?"

He says "Do you know you're supposed to be here now?"

A ball of lead landed in my stomach. "But the call time was 8AM it's only 6:30 now."

"Yes," He replied, "the general crew call was 8AM. We had a splinter unit call at 6AM for a sunrise shot."

Oh. Crap.

In my sleepy stupor I had forgotten to flip the call sheet and look at the back for my specific call. It was an hour's drive to the location so I threw on whatever clothes were within arm's reach (really no different than my everyday dressed in the dark look), and flew down the freeway pushing 90 in my little car that would start to shake at 70.

To make matters worse, when I arrived at location the splinter group was in an area where we had to be shuttled to. So, I jumped in the shuttle with some wardrobe chicks and when we arrived at location, I hid behind the person in front of me like a high school kid trying to sneak into a bar. When the director saw me he started laughing and the whole crew chimed in with "Glad you could make it," "Nice of you to stop by" and other such comments. I apologized to the director and he laughed and said, "No problem, that was good humor!" (which was really odd since he was kind of a jerk most days).

The punchline to this story? That morning scene filmed without me is the poster for the movie. So every time I look at that movie poster hanging in my office, I remember how I showed up late that day.

Ever late for a call?


D said...

I woke up in a closet one time (amazingly, after the party that won the bag contest for me) and was two hours late. By the way, I'm a little upset that you didn't give me credit for winning on your blog. I don't need the bag, but I do need validation. I want a headline (I would give you one on my blog).

Scripty said...

Yes, sir, headline will come I promise! You'll see!

Thanks! Scripty.

Sandy Parker said...

About a month after I moved to New Orleans, there was a big rainstorm with lightning so bad that we had to wrap early (at 3am). It was frustrating enough that we didn't get to shoot the complicated party scene (to be shot as a handheld one-er) that we had just rehearsed for camera, and had to let about 100 extras go home, even though everything was set and we were ready to shoot. Of course, I was sound asleep the following morning as the waters rose outside my apartment. When I finally walked out the door to head to work, I was completely surprised to see that I had to wade though more than a foot of water to get to the car, and that was before I noticed the 5 inches of water inside. It turns out that isolated flooding happens rather often in New Orleans. It's a miracle that I was able to get the car started at all, and it kept stalling out as I drove down St. Charles Avenue on my way to set (with me was bailing out the window the entire way with one of the empty water bottles that always litters my car). I think I arrived about half an hour late. The fact that 2 or 3 other people were late made me feel a little better about it.

Scripty said...

Wow Sandy, going through all that and only being 1/2 hour late is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I look at the call sheet for the day, in the morning, and it says to meet at 123 West XXXX Street at 7:30. Can do. Went to 123 West XXXX street to only find a hardware store, and the sound guy and prop guy standing around looking confused. We waited around, wondering every scenario in the book, until about 30 minutes later the 2nd AD calls the sound guy.

Turns out they gave us the wrong address. We needed to actually go to 123 East XXXX street, on the other side of town. During rush hour. On a Monday. When we finally got there, we asked why the three of us were not told of the correction.

"Well, I sent out a text message last night."

Me and sound guy don't get texts, and prop guy doesn't even own a cell phone...

And what was the crew doing while they waited for us? Shooting B-roll footage of traffic driving by. B-roll footage that we didn't need and didn't get used.

Scripty said...

Thanks for the story Anonymous! I'm not too smart with texting, but don't you think the coordinator would notice when she/he plugged the text number's in that you three did not have said way to text you guys? Me don't get texts either!