Aug 26, 2008


Sure, she was stinky, pooped on the stage, and refused to look at camera on cue, but overall she was better behaved than some talent. Plus she stayed in character all day. I took the above picture while she was on break, you can see the raw emotion in her portrayal of a cow with tude.

During this commercial I was not only sitting with the director but also a group of advertising agency dudes that refused to stay in their client kennel. (if only someone could invent an invisible fence for agency/client to keep them away from the director's monitor...)

Now, for some unknown reason, it seems like most agency dudes feel the need to try and out funny each other during the shoot day. Some agency dudes are funny, others... well, not so much.

On this particular "cow" job, the agency dudes fell into the not funny category. The cow jokes wore pretty thin by hour six. After hearing "holy cow that's a great shot" for the 20th time, I wanted to push them head-first into the manure pile. Probably would have made Ms. Cow laugh (if she could break character that is)

Update: I added some great links to "Crew Blogs" check them out!


anonymousassistant said...

Thanks for the nice comment, and the link.

You've got a cool blog, yourself.

Nathan said...

I almost never work on commercials, but when I was starting as a lowly P.A., that was all I did. I never understood how the director could put up with so much interference from the agency/client folks.

On one commercial (with a high-powered director who shall remain nameless), they called a wrap about 5 hours into the day. The Agency guys went nuts. The director said, "I've already shot the commercial you hired me to shoot. If you want to futz around some more, feel free. The crew and equipment are all paid for, for another 7 hours."

He was my hero.

Scripty said...

Anonymousassistant-Gosh thanks!

Nathan, Great story! Gotta love that director!