Aug 21, 2008

The Wrap Party Contest Winner is D from Dollygrippery

D-from the blog Dollygrippery is the winner of my little Wrap Party contest. He wrote about a most intoxicating party. Click here to read it.

For all of you civilians out there who ask me "What's a Grip?" The Dollygrippery blog is a perfect way to find out! The blog offers insight and information into the grip world. Not only will you read about the technical aspects of the job but also how frustrating it can be to work an 18 hour day, with idiot producers who make you share a truck with the electric department. You'll also learn that Technocranes are not birds with iPods, PeeWees are not a kids hockey league, Hustlers don't just hang out in pool halls, and Super sliders have nothing to do with guys stealing second base.

So, to learn about real movie magic head over to Dollygrippery.

By the way I am still the owner of the dorky Matrix bag. D has chosen to not receive said bag as his prize instead choosing envy and adoration from readers, but fear not, I'll come up with some other crazy way to offload it onto someone else.....


D said...

That is a well written and extremely entertaining post. I'll take a headline over swag any day.
Thank you

Scripty said...

Smart Move!