Oct 8, 2008

Equipment Question

I love to get e-mail's from readers! Here is another one!

Hello, I've been a script supervisor for about 4 years now and would like some outside opinions on equipment that you have, or have seen other scriptys use that make life easier. I work primarily in the southeast where many features are low budget and shot on location. i.e. wind, rain, mud, etc. Instead of hunching over my notebook on my lap for 12 hours at a time, do you know of any good collapsible desks (for sitting and adjustable to standing height)? Perhaps a sturdy music stand would work? Have you used anything like this in the past? I know there is a stand you can buy with the ScriptE software, however, I have not yet made the switch to computerized notes and am still rockin' the big, fat binder. Any suggestions you can give me would be great. Thanks!

I'm still rockin' the big fat binder as well! Last week I was on a job where we were out in a field for five days. Production provided us with camp chairs, the ones with the arm rest and drink holder went to the directors (yes there were two) and I got the one with no arms. After the first few hours of struggling to get in and out of their reclined camp chairs, the directors didn't use them anymore and just stood or kneeled to watch playback. I sat rather comfortably in my little armless camp chair. Thank you very much.

But that doesn't answer your question about having a stand or table. I like to travel light, so adding some sort of table to the chair would drive me somewhat batty on location. Maybe other scripty's out there have some suggestions?


Aparna said...

The scripty who was kind enough to take me on as a newbie scripty and show me the ropes has a great little chair which she bought, like, a million years ago from one of those little shops that appear in the middle of the night and look like they've always been there... Anyway, I've not been able to find anything like it, but am making plans to have one built.

It's a little folding chair with metal legs that make an X, a strong canvas seat that has a zippered pencil pocket in front (her own addition) and two large pockets under the seat to hold water bottles, hats, light sweaters, etc. It has a wooden "desk" which is a little over a foot square that folds, so if you're sitting in it, the desk is above your lap and you can easily slide in and out of it. The coolest thing, though is that if you fold up the desk, it becomes a backrest. When it folds up, it's really easy to carry. I was able to carry it and the big binder in one hand.

Never seen anything like it before or since, hence wanting to have one made. My mentor has all the coolest stuff... and I can't find stuff as cool... :(

Scripty said...

If you have a chance and can send me a picture of this chair that would be great! Thanks for the info!