Oct 28, 2008

Film Green

Now, as regular readers know, my resolution this year was to be more green on set. I promised to mark and re-use my water bottle. I was frequently guilty of placing it by the monitor and forgetting to mark it as mine. Then when I would turn around and see the 50 other unmarked water bottles that had migrated around the monitor, I was not sure which one was mine. And being sort of a germ freak, I was reluctant to take a swig from a bottle that could have been someone else's. I'm proud to say, that I have been very good at marking my bottle and recycling it after the job since my resolution!

With this in mind check out Abbey Singer Blues (a blog written by a Boston lighting technician) His most recent post about being Green, led me to a link he referenced about FaERI.org. A non-profit film and entertainment recycling initiative.

At the FaERI website they have a wonderful departmental recycling guide. Make sure to check out that section and see what your department can do. As a scripty it's true, I get reams and reams of old scripts which I can proudly say, I make sure to send all that paper to the recycling bin.

It's all about getting into a habit don't you think? Lately my struggle has been remembering to bring my reusable bag to the grocery store. I'll find myself at the checkout and realize...... crap my reusable bag is at home doing no good for the environment! So, I'll act like a crazy lady and if it's five things or less I'll say, "No bag please" to which the cashier always gives me that quizzical look. Then, I walk out trying to successfully carry a gallon of milk, three jars of pasta sauce and a box Cap'n Crunch to the car.

I have now got myself into a habit, the reusable bag stays in the car, and once I unload it in my house...I immediately put it back into my car for my next shopping trip. Duh!


anonymousassistant said...

My trick is, once the bag is emptied of groceries, I hang it on my front door handle. That way, I always remember to take it with me to the car.

Nathan said...

Being in Brooklyn, I only have a car when I'm on a job. Those cloth bags spend a lot of time hanging off their peg near the front door...while I'm at the checkout line.


Michael Taylor said...

Anonymousassistant is right -- I do the same with my cloth bags. These bags are so cheap now -- three bucks at Trader Joes, and a buck for the cheepee bags at Whole Foods -- that I finally bought half a dozen. With three in the car and three more on the door handles, I rarely forget anymore.

After show night on sit-coms (back when I had a show...), I used to walk through the set with a five gallon bucket, tossing in half empty water bottles. After dumping the water out and crushing the bottles, I'd go back for more. That bucket was always full to overflowing by the time I was done.

What boggles my mind is how many crew and extras toss their bottles in the trash when there's a clearly marked recycle bin right next to it. Unbelievable...

Nathan said...

An electrician cleaning anything other than wayward cables on the set? The mind truly boggles. I must meet this mythical, fictional beast! :D

Seriously, I'm used to crews who don't bother to find a trash can, much less a recycling bin. I have a PA tie a trash bag near the tailgate of every truck at call, and we're still sweeping up scraps of tape, sash cord and gels at the end of the day.

Scripty said...

Great trick Anonymous, my cloth bags...like Nathan's spent most of their lives on the peg near the front door....until now!

Michael, thanks for cleaning up the set! Your not the only one! A key grip I used to work with would growl at people if they didn't throw their water bottles in the recycle bag. I got growled at once..hey the recycle bin was cleverly hidden under the table...oops!

Laura James said...

Have you tried the Evirosax bag? It folds up and you can put it in your purse or pocket. I used to have the same re-usable grocery bag problem, but the smaller bag changed all that -- and it's still really sturdy and holds a whole heavy bag of stuff. Plastic bags are B-A-D news. Good luck.

Laura James

Scripty said...

Great tip Laura! Thanks for the comment.