Oct 14, 2008

Interview Me?

In the last couple of weeks I have received several e-mails from students wanting to interview me for their school project. And I just have to say, thanks for choosing a script supervisor to interview!!!

First of all, I would recommend interviewing a live scripty as well, and here is a little tip on how to find one...

It's very easy. If you are in New York, L.A., Paris, or Vancouver you can click on the link to their union. (conveniently found on the right hand side of my web site) If you work in another state let's say for example... Montana. Google Montana film office then click on crews and support services, then production crew by category choose script supervisors then you have to click that choice again...duh...and voila! Script Supervisors in Montana rinse lather repeat for whatever state you are in.

Call the nice script supervisor and ask rather politely if you can conduct a brief interview for your class project. Maybe you could do a bit of brushing up by reading the script supervising articles I have posted (again see the right hand column of my site) so you get a clear idea of the job before you compose your questions.

Here is a nice e-mail I received recently:

I am writing to ask you about being a script supervisor. I am currently a junior at Boston University, studying film. As an assignment we were asked to find someone in the industry with a specific position. If you have time it would be great if you could answer some questions about your job.

What are the specifics to what you do?

Wikipedia has it pretty well covered.

What made you want to become a script supervisor?

See this post

How long have you been in the industry?

16 years.

What are some of the best projects you've worked on?

The best jobs I have worked on are often not the ones that resulted in being a box office smash. For me it comes down to the best on-set experience. But by far my best experience was working with Walter Matthau on one of my first big budget movies. Everyday I walked on that set I was in utter awe of all things around me...it's really a wonder how I did my job (I was the 2nd unit script supervisor). Then one day, the 1st unit scripty got sick and they asked me to step in. Walter was on set, I was not only VERY green (being a newbie) but looked very green thinking I would pass out..., thankfully the camera guys held me up from fainting and helped me finish the shoot day without making a mess of things!

Any best projects you'd like to share?


Nathan said...

Iron Will was one of my first features as a full-fledged location manager and it's still the best experience I've had on a movie. It's not about whether or not it's a good movie (it is), but like you say, about the experience of making it.

The thing is...that movie was hard. But ultimately very satisfying. If you go to my blog and enter "Iron Will" in the search window, you'll find a few posts talking about it. Way too much stuff to put into a single comment.

Scripty said...

Hey Nathan! I liked Iron Will too!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Bafana is still my favourite production to date. It was also one of my first and the working environment was the best I've ever had - wonderful director who had the kind of relationship with his DP that they just walked onto the set and knew where the camera should go and where the lights should go. There was never a raised voice on that set and we rarely ever did any overtime.

Also, I got to play chess with Joseph Fiennes a lot. :)

Scripty said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Scripty!
I tried following your instructions to find script supervisors here in FL, but was unsuccessful. Any thoughts?

Scripty said...

Hey Anonymous!

Doing a quick google I found http://www.filminflorida.com/

Looks like you have to register to see the crew data base... that's odd!

Thanks for stopping by!