Nov 18, 2008

It Was A Good Day

As if to answer my last post...How was your day?..I found this gem on Ed Moore DoP's web site (via Polybloggimous)

Then while checking up on my other blogger friends web sites, (In no particular FAVORITE order, I work down the list A-Z)

I find Ed Moore actually nicked it from The Anonymous Assistant's Blog. Great minds think alike. So, if you have not already viewed it, watch it here. :)

per YouTube: Watch what happens when a film crew has too much time on their hands and an iPod full of 90's gangsta rap.

1 comment:

Ed Moore said...

Haha - busted! Everyone seems to have posted this today; it's clearly a winner. Maybe I should make the DP equivalent? Many thanks for the link - my feeble webstats just took a massive spike upwards :)