Nov 14, 2008

So How Was Your Day?

Working as a script supervisor, I feel I am pretty insulated from a lot of the production crap that goes down during a job. I kinda like that.

Take for instance an NFL job I worked on recently. In the morning we filmed two players from the AFC, and in the afternoon one from the NFC (don't ask me who, I don't follow the volleyball).

In my little world the job was pretty easy. Sure we had the typical agency freak out in the morning over dialogue. Then the director set them straight on the fact that we don't have to film talent in a separate shot "NOT saying their dialogue". (I adored him for that one).

After that first take down the agency dudes stayed in their pen and we were blissfully alone at the monitor.

I had heard that the director was a screamer, but knowing I had survived Mr.Evil I felt I could handle anyone. Turns out the director was very nice... to me. He smiled at me as we passed to and from craft service, listened politely to any comments or suggestions I had, and was uber respectful to me. All I could ask for really. And at one point after I laughed at a take, Mr. Director called over to the producer and proclaimed "That was the best take of the day!" Then he flashed me a big smile. Overall a great day.

But that's my rosy little world.

At wrap as we were waiting to fill out time cards, the AD proclaimed what a jerk the director was. He launched into a massive bitch-fest culminating in the fact that the director actually pushed him for doing something wrong during the last set-up. Me blissfully unaware of this.

Production had their grumbles about him as well. They said he was condescending and drove them crazy with special requests for himself and the DP.

Then I find out that the director was not the only trouble maker on set...

The make-up artist had a run in with the NFC player's assistant, the wardrobe chicks had a skirmish with production over the process of getting all the extras' wardrobe back, the location manager had gone head-to-head with the stadium management since production took up far more parking spaces than expected, and who knows what other departmental headaches there were.

But for me, I was a happy camper. I cheerfully filled out my time card, said thanks to the producer and was on my way....walking to my car with the hairstylist who complained all the way to the parking ramp about her crappy shoot day.

Sometimes I love my job.


Nathan said...

This is known as the "Even Stalin had his favorites" syndrome. :D

Kyle Terry said...

Haha oh yes. Sometimes the drama behind the camera is more fascinating then the drama in front of it.