May 3, 2009

What If Film Crews Ran The World?

When I started in film and saw how film crews could make anything happen as if by magic, I thought that if there were ever a world crisis, sending a bunch of PA's and a couple of good producers would solve it.

Then a few years ago, I nodded with agreement when I read about the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Nate Berkus running into a producer. He said in the article: "In that situation where everything and anything's unfamiliar and Annie and I started talking, I learned that she had been a television producer for the BBC," Nate says. "And if there's one thing that makes me feel comfortable, it's a television producer. And I thought, 'Okay, this is somebody who's gonna be organized, have it together, be able to coordinate everything that needs to be coordinated, and we just looked at each other and I think at that moment, there was just kind of a trust there between us."

Of course these days we are in a number of world crises: (in no particular order) Medical, Environmental, Political, Ideological, Financial, and so forthal. (just keeping with the pattern for a moment) If ever we needed to deploy a bunch of really good PA's and some amazing crew it's now. Get some good grips and electrics to work with creating a better use of energy, get some UPM's to go after the economy, get some greenspeople to go after the environment, get some producers to make all the countries work together, send catering to help with the hungry, get some set medics to help with the health, well, actually I've only seen set medics hand out band-aids, but I'm sure they have more talent than that. And well, I'm not sure what department would help with religion, but we're a creative bunch we could come up with something.

So, I guess I hope that if film crews really ran the world they would do greater things than help a bride with her wedding.


Nathan said...

I love that commercial.

There's only one hole in your theory. Every Location Agreement says we'll return the property to the condition in which we found it when we're done. D'oh!

Aparna said...

My boyfriend keeps saying that UPMs and 1st ADs would make great generals in a military campaign. I agree with him.

An AD friend of mine was telling me about his wedding which was supposed to take place at a lovely beach location. The day of the wedding a huge rainstorm blew in. They had so many film crew as guests, he said they were able to arrange a unit move to a new location in 45 minutes flat.

I think the world would be a much better place if film crews ran it.

I just wonder where the scriptys would fit into all the yummy world domination...

Michael Taylor said...

Religion? No problem -- let the actors handle that. All the rest of us will have to do is worship them as much as they worship themselves.

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping for everything to seem perfect at the end and for the AD to (on a megaphone to h-wood it up) to yell "waiting on sound!" right before the spot ends. That would have made my day.

Scripty said...

Nathan: D'oh is right!

Aparna: Yes, where would scripty's fit in?

Michael: Yes!, Actors and religion! Brilliant!

Anon: I agree, waiting on sound would have been funny.

Anonymous said...

The directors would be there for religion, since they are always praying for good weather at golden hour. LOL

Peggy Archer said...

You're so right - throwing 10,000 grips and juicers at the problem of clean water access and we'd have the entire world irrigated in 1/2 an hour.

Having said that, I still do like that commercial.

Scripty said...

Anon- Ah, yes, directors and religion...and they would be the religion cuz some of them think they are Gods!

Hey Peggy- thanks for stopping by and for the comment!