Jul 20, 2009

Script Supervising? There's an app for that.

As I've said before years ago I wanted to make a computer program for script supervisors. I figured I would easily become rich and own my own private island in Dubai. So, I told all the techie people I knew about my idea, but no one took the bait. Well, then again, I only knew like two techies, and I didn't try very hard... that might have had something to do with it.

Anyhoo, as a result, whenever I find out about some scripty software, I'm pretty darn happy for the person who came up with the idea and ran with it. Or maybe I'm jealous. Hard to say, I go back and forth...

Here is a new one just on the market and like everything else these days, it's for the iPhone. It's called actionLog Pro and if it does what it says...well, how portable would that be on set? So now, you've got your phone, your iTunes, your Internet, your Magic 8 Ball, your spin the bottle game, and your log book all in one place!

I hope the best for this guy and his idea, and if any of you have a chance to use it, send me feedback so we can post some reviews.


James Heyward said...

great idea

except the iphone battery wont last for 14 hours. haha

Anonymous said...

There is a new product soon to be released that will time your script as well as do your logs/reports and make lining your script faster than you could do it by hand. The best part is that it works on ANY platform...PC, Mac or whatever else you can throw at it. Well really, the best part is that you get to go home and go to sleep instead of working longer! Who doesn't love that? Check it out at www.easyscriptsuper.com

Scripty said...

Hey anonymous, thanks for the tip. When you have your product up and running do send me an e-mail..also you may want to spell check your web page "For now, this is not an available option without an inviation." um, invitation..:) I'm interested in learning more!