Sep 16, 2009

Oh No! Mr. Bill

Yesterday, I felt awful for not posting in awhile (to be fair, I've felt awful several times, but yesterday it finally got to me). There are three really good reasons: a.) I have felt uninspired (and you deserve only what passes for my best), b.) I'm working on my own film project (a.k.a. the life-sucker) and c.) um, well, really it's just a and b.

Then I thought, you know how at the bottom of my site, it says "Yes it's true, you dropped my laptop... but I'm still your fan!" and then there are a bunch of video clips of Bill Murray? I started to realize, that's been there since Script Goddess beginning yet, no one has ever asked about that particular story.

So, since you never asked, here it is (that'll teach you not to ask):

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, (really both those statements are honest truth) I was the young ambitious Script Supervisor and he was, well, Him. When he appeared on set for the first day of filming, I was sitting on an apple box, deep in concentration typing up the day's notes on my laptop. I heard this guy (Mr. Murray) greet all the crew then stopped in front of me, I looked up and he said "Nice!" I smiled and got back to work. To this day I'm not sure what was nice: my laptop, the fact that there was a Script Supervisor on set, or that I'm compact enough to fit on an apple box.

The first shots were hectic and crazy. After a well-deserved lunch break he shouted as I was cruising past him towards set. "Hey, Scripty what's different about me huh?" Now, I had been around the block once or twice before, and responded, "You had lunch?" The crew laughed, and more importantly so did he. (I often wonder why I haven't been fired yet)

During the next set up I noticed he wasn't wearing the jacket he had on in the previous scene. I politely reminded him that he needed his jacket. He began to yell at me about not wanting to wear his jacket and how he could have taken the jacket off between scenes and ranted and raved about this jacket to the point where I was embarrassed that I had asked him to put it on. He walked away and I, stupefied, cleared my head and turned to watch the scene and take notes. As the AD yelled "Last looks" who do I see put on his jacket as he smiled to me! Ohhh You!

At another point during filming, as I was standing taking notes...just after a take...who saunters by and knocks the back of my knees out, almost causing me to fall! It was like having my older brother on set. This was pretty funny to all those who saw it happen...Nice.

The next day we were filming a scene without Mr. Murray. I'm in deep work mode, so unless someone is about to set me on fire, my concentration stays on set. I do however feel someone leaning over my shoulder and breathing down my neck reading from my script. I don't smell lighter fluid, so I ignore it. Then the actor blows a line, and I throw a correction out. The actor questions my answer and the person behind me yells "She's right!" Yes, it was Him!

We worked late into that evening and we all were getting pretty exhausted. Towards the end Mr. Murray came up to me in a well held in anger and said through clenched teeth "How...much...more?" And I told him only a few shots left.

So, as we went to a fast turnaround, everyone pitched in to move stuff, even Mr. Murray. He went for my book bag, which had my laptop sitting in it loose. "Oh," I cried "I can get that!" but too late, he had picked up the bag and out popped my laptop which clattered to the ground in that "don't do this to your laptop" kind of way. He looked at me sheepishly. Fortunately the laptop survived the encounter, and I actually still use it (thank you Apple).

I can't tell you what a joy it was to watch him work, funny irreverent and loved to annoy the scripty! And a true sign of grace greeted the crew at the beginning and end of the show!

As we all were saying our good-bye's, I remember he said to me "I'll see you again!" And I did! Only during one more show and I don't remember him teasing me as much. So, Mr. Murray, even though (or maybe it's because) you fought with me over a jacket, knocked out my knees, breathed down my neck...and dropped my laptop I'm still your fan!


Michael Taylor said...

Nice to have you back -- I'd almost given up checking in. Hope your film project is going well.

Scripty said...

Thanks for not giving up Michael!

Chris Kittinger said...

So have you seen Zombieland? I thought of you while watching a certain cameo.

Scripty said...

No, I have not seen Zombieland, I must run out and rent it!

Jonathan said...

I love your blog! I just got a computer to use on set, and I know I would freak out if someone dropped it. I'm glad it still worked :P Keep posting, I love reading :)

Scripty said...

Thanks for your kind note Jonathan!