Nov 23, 2010

Numb3rs Script Supervisor

Yes, I am still alive. Just have had nothing new to report, so I thought I'd let someone else say something. The video's been around awhile but it offers a great explanation of the squiggly lines we draw in the script!


Samuel Musgrove said...

I have only been script supervisor on one occasion and it is a hard job. It is a huge job for a TV show or a feature film. How do you personally keep all of that information organized?

Scripty said...

Hi Samuel!

Scripting does demand a certain level of organizational skill which develops as you grow in your career. You are right a TV show or Feature is very demanding and right out the gate you need to show that you can keep things straight and be a reliable source of information.

I have my particular way of organizing everything which may be different than another scripty. One must develop their own style.

I hope you try scripting again!

Samuel Musgrove said...

Thanks I think I will try sometime in the future. I know what you say is the truth, about keeping the information organized in your own way. All I have heard when I am trying to learn is how I should do it the way they do.