Sep 8, 2011

Yes, I am still alive.

Sorry, I have been working (good) and ignoring this blog (bad) Sorry! please forgive me.

I am posting the following question in hopes someone out there can give this poor scripty wannabe an honest answer.


I hope I'm contacting the correct person - your email is on the blog
Script Supervisor Forum.

I'm considering taking Randi Feldman's Script Supervising course in LA,
and I was just wondering if you knew anything good or bad about the
course. I can't find anything on the internet other than letters on
her website, which are nice but may be edited or not so honest, one
never really knows. I can't find anything negative, which seems
strange - I'd rather hear truths and sort through it myself. Anything
you may know is a help, as long as it's honest.

Thanks much,


p.s. how is the script supervising business going? Are people getting
jobs, getting hired? Should I even be trying to do this job?

Scripty says: I have never taken a script supervising course...therefore I have no knowledge. Yes, you should try and do this job. I like it!

Also, if you are on Facebook another good place for scripty information is "ScriptSupervisors!" group page.


Bridget said...

Hi M, I took Randi Feldman's class when she traveled to Detroit in early 2010. It is so well worth the money! I've been a script supervisor for almost 2 years and it's the perfect job for me and my attention-to-detail personality. If you'd like to hear more about her class and the job, please feel free to contact me at By the way--I'm taking her Advanced Script Supervising class as well as the Digital Script Supervising class in January out in LA in January 2012. If it were offered sooner, I'd jump on it, but sadly it's not.

Dean Dodds said...

Welcome back!

This kind of has nothing to do with you, but the timing is oddly appropriate. I just finished Scrupervising my first feature film today and on a whim decided to check in here for an update.

The film had some highs and lows... As well as a few arguments about screen direction, but it was all interesting.
However I'd really like to thank you for all of the advice you have shared in your blog, I honestly don't think I would have survived without it.

Thank you so much and good luck!

Scripty said...

Thanks Bridget for your honest opinion of the class and how it has worked with your career! Keep Script'n


Hey Dean! Congrats on finishing your first film! First one is always the hardest...and what you learned you will take with you. I am honored that you found some useful tidbits on my site! Glad to help! Thanks for stopping back!

chitowncheryl said...

I am soooo glad that I took the time and came to your blog! Your book is wonderful! There is none like it!
I currently attend film school in Chicago and am working on my first professional film (no money, but great experience!) and I am the Script Supervisor (all i said to the producer is I have a eye for detail and am kinda anal! lol!)
Next thing I knew....I was the Script Supervisor! Without your book I think I would have had a serious meltdown! I carry in my pocket!
Thank you!
Cheryl in Chicago

Scripty said...

Well hello and welcome Cheryl! I wish I could take credit for the book on my site, but I'll give you a clue to my secret identity, I am not Pat Miller. Her book is really The Bible for all of us Scripty's, I could not have started without it either! Congrats on your first scripty job!

popularculture - Totally PC said...

Yes welcome back. I Rss linked to your site, found it educational and stuck with you! So, looking forward to a refreshed Script Goddess. PS joined the facebook group. Thanks for that tip.

Scripty said...

Thanks popular culture! Glad you stuck with me!


Marian said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else struggling to find this Facebook page?

I'm a newbie when it comes to Script Supervising! Only graduating from Film School a year ago and already got a few titles under my belt (probably because there aren't many people in New Zealand wanting to get into the field).. and stumbling onto your blog has been absolutely wonderful! It is always great to see a different perspective and excellent tips about my chosen career from experienced professionals :)

Thank you so much for making your blog, please keep the posts coming!

Dean Dodds said...

I found the group hard to find until I copy and pasted the name into Facebook, it must be case or exclamation point sensitive.

Scripty said...

Thanks Dean for helping out Marian! How cool is that! I have the BEST readers!


Marian said...

I tried everything I could think of. Bummer :( maybe it's because I'm way over here, Maybe its geographically sensitive :) hehe

Thanks for helping!


Dean Dodds said...

Does this link help?

Marian said...

Yes! Thank you! You're absolutely wonderful!