Nov 20, 2011

Script Supervisor on Community

The latest episode of Community features a script supervisor!


mattB said...

This episode was very funny!
Someday, I hope to be a script supervisor just like Annie: Crazy!

Has your binder ever looked like hers?!

Scripty said...

Hi Matt,

No my binder has never looked like that it cracked me up! I however, think I have gotten to the crazy stage already!

Aparna said...

I was trying to find a contact link but couldn't so I'll ask this here and apologies for the tangent.

I'm trying to do some research into how script supervisors slated scenes in the early 1960's in the US. I've found a few photographs of clapperboards from back then but I can't really figure out what was going on. Do you have any ideas about where I can look for further information or who I can contact?

Many thanks

A.J. said...

2:50 in and I think you just found your "elevator speech." :)

Scripty said...

A.J.- "So, basically the star." I agree!

Moneypenny said...

Oh, no! I'm not allowed to see it because I'm not in the US!